Foundation Funds

Gifts to the Foundation can be designated in a number of ways, which are designed to help you satisfy your charitable objective.

1) Endowment Fund:  This is a permanent endowment fund that provides income each year for the support of Bethel and the outreach of the church with the stipulation that only income from the invested funds will available for distribution in accordance with the Distribution Guidelines established by the Foundation.  It is expected that this endowment fund will be the major recipient of bequests and gifts to the Foundation and provide for a growing stream of income to supplement the funds available to Bethel Church and its ministries.  All undesignated gifts or bequests to the Foundation will be placed in the Endowment Fund.

2) General Purpose Fund: This fund is designed to facilitate those wishing to support the Church and its outreach ministries on a more current basis. The principal from this fund might, for example, be distributed by the Foundation to the Church for Christian education, music ministry, in support of missions or other benevolence activities. This fund is not a part of the Endowment Fund. Any returns earned by this fund will be place in the Endowment Fund.

3) Capital Expenditures Fund: This fund will be used to help the Church pay for major capital projects that it may undertake in the future.  This fund is not part of the Endowment Fund, distributions from this fund will be from the principal donated to the fund.  Any returns earned by this fund will be place in the Endowment Fund.

4) Donor Designated Fund: An individual making a bequest or gift of $20,000 or more may establish his/her own Donor Designated Fund which may be used to support any church program or charitable endeavor selected in advance by the donor which is acceptable to the Foundation and consistent with its Gift Acceptance Policy.  Distributions from the fund shall be made as agreed at the time the gift is made.  Income from the Donor Designated Fund shall accrue to the benefit of the Endowment Fund to cover administrative costs.

It is anticipated that distributions from all Funds, under ordinary circumstances, shall not be used for the  budgeted expenses of Bethel but rather for special projects or undertakings that can be identified as being funded with endowment or special funds and thereby enabling the Foundation to encourage further gifts/bequests to the Foundation.

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